Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day/ Mother's Day


I finally took the pictures off my camera from mother's day. I had a great mother's day. Byron made me Breakfast and dinner and took care of Kayla. It was so nice. For our mother's I did hand prints of our hands with Kayla's. Our mom's loved it and they deserve it.


Our day was pretty uneventful. Byron had to work so Kayla and I hung out at home, then went to have drinks and dinner with Daddy.

First we watched some TV...

Then Kayla tried to stay cool outside...

Then we went out for drinks...

Kayla finally decided to share her drinks with mommy...

Ending with dinner, where Kayla ate two plates full of rice. No wonder she has a belly like mommy.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Pool Time

It has been great going to the pool. Kayla has gone under water and it does not seem to bother her. She loves to splash and play in the pool.

Kayla at lounging at the poolI have been getting all of the baby stuff out andKayla wants to play with everything. The vibrator chair is her new favorite. Soon I will have two babies.


I am still on modified bed rest. The doctor said he would not have put me on it if I did not have Kayla at 35 weeks. So as long as I don't have any more contractions then I will just need to take it easy for the next five weeks. I am just glad the I have the pool, so I can get out of the house and not have to walk around, and Kayla gets to play with other kids.

Still no name for little boy Price, but the doctor said he is a big boy.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Home at Last

So I did end up going home from the hospital on Wednesday. I am very happy to be home. The doctor said I was on modified bed rest so at least I can get up a little bit. Kayla and I are going stir crazy being in the house 24/7. I do have some family coming down to help with Kayla, but if anyone is willing, I'm sure Kayla would love to get out of the house for a play date.

I go to the doctor on Monday, to make sure everything is still good with me and the baby.