Tuesday, October 14, 2008

8 months old

Kayla turned 8 months old today. I can not believe it. She is becoming my little girl. She weighs around 17lbs. She still wears 3-6 month cloths, I like that she is not growing up too fast. She finally has a tooth, she has been teething for a couple of weeks now.

She can pretty much crawl now. She gets up on all fours and actually crawls, no army crawl for her. She loves bath time too. She loves to splash and make noise. She also makes noise like "dadadada". I know she is not saying "Da Da", but it is one step closer to talking. I have been working with her on baby sign language, she is actually starting to understand some of them.

This is my brother Mark and his little boy Alex. He is 5 months old and is almost the same size. They like playing together.