Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cain Ty Price

Short Version:

Admitted to hospital Sat the 15th.

Released from hospital Sun the 16th- no baby

had contractions all week.

Finally Thursday the contractions got stronger. Admitted to the hospital at 4pm.

Cain was born at 9:55pm on Byron's Birthday Oct. 20th

He was sent to the NICU because he was grunting

In the morning he was not getting better on his own so they gave him a c-pap,

he stopped grunting.

Finally Sunday morning I got to hold him and he was off the c-pap.

That afternoon he started eating from a bottle, and was doing everything on his own

Monday night I roomed in at the hospital with Cain and brought him home Tues morning.

(Right after he was born)

(With the C-pap)
Long Version:

I was hoping to have him on the weekend either the 15th or 16th so it would not be too close to Byron's Birthday. I even spent the night in the hospital Sat. night but got sent back home becasue I did not progress. I was having contraction the whole week, but they never got worse. Monday and Tues I chased my kids around the park and did all I could to go into labor, and nothing. Finally Thursday morning I was so uncomfortable but my contractions were not too bad. Around 3pm they started picking up and I called the doctor at 4pm and he said to go to the hospital. When I got there I was dilated to a 4 (I was a 2 Sunday morning). He admitted me, broke my water and gave me an epidural. I got medicine before it really started hurting, that was nice. At about 9:30pm I was feeling major pressure. I was a 10! By the time the doctor got there and they got set up 2 pushes and he was out! Way faster than I thought!!

Cain Ty Price was born on Byron's Birthday October 20th at 9:55 pm.

He sure cried enough but he was grunting so they let me hold him for a minute then took him to the NICU. The next morning he was still grunting and working too hard to breathe so they put a C-pap in his nose. He kept making progress, Saturday morning they started turning down the C-pap. By Sunday morning they took him off of it and I was able to hold him!!! Sunday afternoon I got to feed him his first bottle. I spent the night at the hospital and set my alarm so I could feed him through out the night. By Monday morning they took the feeding tube out and the IV so he was like a newborn and as long as he did fine he could stay in the hospital room with me that night and go home the next morning.

Monday night I took him out of the NICU and that was an amazing feeling. We were finally able to leave the hospital at 1pm.

Kayla asked to hold him. Curtis poked at him and walked away.

I am so happy to have him home and healthy. Kayla and Curtis both run to him and want to help when he starts crying. And so far Cain just sleep and eats and is pretty content.